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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Apothecary Media Console with Storage Doors

We decided to "splurge" for our Anniversary and Valentine's this year and we bought ourselves a new TV.  Of course that meant we needed a new TV Stand.  So I started looking around to figure out what I wanted and I started on pinterest and ended up at  I immediately fell in love with the Apothecary Console.  I had also seen TV Stands with the storage doors, and I knew I loved those. I also found a plan for a console with storage doors on Ana's website.

I loved the look of the Apothecary Console and the functionality of the storage doors, so I just decided I would draw my own plans and combine the two. I also didn't have room for a cabinet as wide as the original apothecary plans so I shortened it to three cabinets instead of four. I printed out both sets of Ana's plans, and got to drawing!

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Here is a little bit about what we did to build it.

We used Clamps and a Square to make sure we were getting everything square.

When we attached the sides we used counter-sunk holes so we could fill them with Wood Filler and paint over them so you can't tell they are even there.

To attach it at the bottom, and to attach the shevles to the sides, we used Pocket Holes .

We also counter-sunk the screws on the tops.

We used a 2x4 for the base.

For the base on the front and back we just cut the 2x4 up the center.  This allows you to just use one 2x4.

We built the storage door shelves with counter-sunk holes, and then attached the face to them.

We hung the storage doors with these narrow style hinges.

Then we added the center door.  Which was hung with these euro style hinges.

We tipped the console over on it's back side to easily put on the false faces.

There is a 3/4" gap between all the faces so we cut a couple pieces of scrap wood to 3/4" and used them as guides for spacing the false faces.

We could have glued the faces on but we opted to use a small nail gun, and then just use Wood Filler on the holes. It was faster and easier to get them right where we wanted them.

For the top we cut all of our pine boards to the right length and drilled Pocket Holes in them.  Then we layed them out on the ground and squared them up.  One of us held the Square and knelt on top of the boards to keep them square while the other put the screws in.

I am pretty good at getting paint where it shouldn't be.  I was really nervous I would get paint on the top or drip stain on the bottom. So before we put the top on I stained it, and painted the rest of stand white. I used one coat of primer and two coats of antique white (sanding after every coat).
Because we were screwing the top on from underneath, we left the back off so that we could get screws in to the top from the back side as well as the front.

I bought these unfinished knobs so I could stain them to match the top.

The last few steps were attaching the knobs, two coats of Polyurethane (sanding after each coat), and tacking the back on with the nail gun.

Once we had the back on we used a Hole Saw to put a hole in for the cords.

The middle door would swing in a little bit further than we wanted so we added a Magnetic Stop , which turned out to be a really nice feature anyway.

And now finally it is finished and we can use our new TV that sat in the box for three weeks!

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  1. Stopping by from Take A Look Tuesday!

  2. Wow, this is impressive! I am visiting you via the Weekend Wrap up party and I hope to see you at My Dream Canvas.

  3. Great build! I'd love it if you'd add your post to my link party too. Here's the URL:

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    xo, Kelli

  4. This is fantastic!
    visiting via linky party.

  5. We found the apothecary cabinet on Ana White's site, but I LOVED the side doors you added. We tried the side doors, but we had trouble cutting the "L-shape" on the side. What saw did you use to get a clean cut in the corner? We tried our table saw, but it doesn't cut all the way through. We tried a jigsaw, but it was NOT a straight cut. I REALLY want these side doors, but my husband is ready to give up on them. HELP!!!

    1. That totally makes my day that someone out there is using these plans! I am so excited to hear that! I would love you for you to email me pictures when you get it done!
      Ok let me explain how we did those side pieces. We used a circular saw. But because it is circular the top is going to reach your mark before the bottom does. Cut with the circular saw right to where your mark is on the top. Then we took a saws-all (if you don't have one you could probably use a good old hand saw) then just use that to cut it the rest of the way on the bottom. I hope that makes sense!
      One more thing: Because they swing out doors are so heavey and they are such a tight fit, they kinda of sit on the bottom piece. So now I wish I would have added another 1/8" clearance to the bottom of the doors. Mine do open but it takes some muscle to get them open so I think that little bit more clearance would have helped!
      Like I said that totally makes my day! Please let me know if you have anymore questions!

    2. Wished I'd read your "one more thing" before. We have the same issue on the right door, although we calculated and took into account the weight. :)
      We got it done over the xmas break! It took a while to choose the hinges, I wanted decorative ones but they're crazy expensive ($50- $99 each!). For the front, the middle door is a drawer for us, and we used Pine Trim Embed Moulding to finish the fronts. I'd love to email you pictures, what email do you use?

  6. I found your blog by accident, I am really happy about that stroke of luck. I have been eyeing the Apothecary cabinet on Anna's site for some time. I am so glad that I have not made it yet as I like the version you created. The two swing out cabinets are awesome and I can't wait to attempt your version of the cabinet. I don't know how quickly I'll get to make it but I will post send you a picture. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. I would LOVE to see pictures. Thank you so much for letting me know you like it! I hope you read the comment above yours for a little extra guidance. If you have ANY questions please let me know! Good luck on your build! I look forward to seeing it!

  7. This is a great cabinet. I love those storage doors. A great way to use up space that would be wasted in a deep shelving unit.

  8. I can't believe you made that! You are very talented! I hope one day I will be brave enough to actually try and construct a piece of furniture!


  9. Wow, that is impressive work! We are so glad you joined our "Strut Your Stuff Saturday". We love to see all of the great recipes and ideas!! Thanks and we hope to see you again next week! -The Sisters

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  14. You guys are AMAZING! I'm a new follower - couldn't help myself!!!

  15. Your console looks amazing. You did such a beautiful job. Thanks for linking to the Home Decor and Organizing Link Party. I featured your project today.

  16. This is beautiful! I never would have guessed it was a diy project. It looks like something that would have cost a gazillion dollars at Pottery Barn ;)

  17. What a fabulous piece!!! Way to go!!! I would love something like that to put my tv on!

    Thank you for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer... From Dream To Reality! Can't wait to see what you link up this evening!

  18. i've always been in love with storage doors. i'm sure that one day i (or rather hubby) will implement one of your ideas. i already pinned this one!

  19. Seriously fantastic!!!

    Great job!
    @ Creatively Living

  20. This is incredibly AMAZING! I'd love to make one of these... maybe some day! I LOVE it! : )

    -Mel the Crafty Scientist

  21. What a great piece and you did a fantastic job. Love it and would love to try it myself. Visiting from Show and Tell Wednesday.

  22. wow! what an undertaking that was- looks awesome! useful and stylish! :)

  23. I can't believe you guys made that yourselves, it turned out so nice! Thanks for sharing!

  24. This is seriously awesome! Can't even imagine how much work that must have been - wouldn't dare to make one myself! When I first saw the top picture I thought you had only changed the side parts of the console, but wowza!

  25. Wow! That is gorgeous! Thanks for a great tutorial. I'm a new follower :)



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