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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Inside Scoop

 Hi I am going to try to make this short and sweet!  I am pretty much a TERRIBLE blogger now!  I don't really have much time for it, since my customers are keeping me crazy busy building and selling Home Decor.  There are THREE things that I wanted to inform you, my awesome readers, about!  Make sure you read all three, the last one is the best! ;)

I LOVE Instagram!  It is the best way for you to follow me!  If you aren't on Instagram yet...GET ON IT... it rocks!  You can see all of the things that I am up to in my feed 

I hope you will bounce over to Instagram and follow me there!

 I recently launched my own website where you can directly shop my items.  Ones that are ready to ship, and you can also custom order!

Visit it at
It is also the new place I am blogging, when I do.

I am most excited to tell you about this one!  I already told you that I LOVE Instagram.  There are so many awesome small shops that you can find there!  I have team up with the best ones to bring you one single feed where you can shop items from ALL of us!  

The feed is called @shopsmallco
I promise this is one you won't regret checking out!
New items are posted for sale daily, and they go FAST!

Find the feed HERE!

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