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Monday, November 5, 2012

Flower Hanger

I don't know how I always get so lucky, but once again I wanted to make these flower hangers and in my scrap shed I had two pieces of wood just the right size!

I originally was going to make it a little bit longer, but I would rather use scraps if I can instead of cutting new.  So I laid my flowers (from the dollar store) out on the board to make sure I liked it.

I had a bunch of the green paint I used on the Dollar Store Word Decor signs.  I wasn't sure if I would like that color with the flowers so I laid them on top of one of the signs to see, and I LOVED the colors together!

I use this trick I saw on Pinterest every time I paint. 
Grocery bag = Free Paint Tray Liner!

I sanded down the corners and stained the whole board.

I drilled the holes for the knobs, and then just attached them with the flowers between.  I used knobs I had left over from my Apothecary Console.

I think it is SUPER cute!  If I had a little girl I would totally hang this in her room.  Either just as a decoration or she could hang necklaces or something from it.

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  1. How cute is that...little girl or not! I'm kinda lovin' this idea...

  2. What a great idea - thanks so much for sharing. Joining from Open Call Tuesday -

  3. Super cute! I love the flowers. Thanks for sharing :)


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