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Friday, May 10, 2013

Giveaway Winner & Feature Friday ~ Ioka Lane Boutique

Are you here to find out if you won the Giveaway for this sign?!
I want you to know I am so grateful to each and everyone of you that entered the giveaway and shared my blog and projects!
My "facebook following" has doubled since opening this giveaway, and many of you are also following in various other ways now.  I am still so surprised that anyone besides my family and close friends are following my blog.You guys give me the motivation to keep it up!
Thank you so much!!!
And THANK YOU to those of you that have been with me since even before the giveaway! Including my family and close friends!

Before I tell you who the winner is I want to introduce you to
This is not just another Feature Friday.  Ioka Lane is my sister-in-law's boutique.

She is really the reason I started building custom crafts; which led to blogging.  I have always liked to make things.  One day I was talking about how awesome Kortnie is and all of the things she does.  My wonderful husband encouraged me, and told me I could make a succesful business too.

I look up to this girl so much, and someday I hope to be as awesome as she is!  It has been so fun to have someone to brainstorm ideas with, and someone who I can ask to be brutally honest about a project and she will be! 
I love this girl! Get to know her!

Kortnie is very talented at sewing!  Here are just a few of the cute things she has sewn.

She also makes these one of a kind Beadboard Frames!

She has also started refinishing furniture.  And of course, like everything else, she is GREAT at it!

This sunburst mirror was the item everyone was talking about at the boutique we just did together!  Isn't it GORGEOUS?!

She also just started a blog.  Her first post was all about how she made this cute little table!

Send some love Kortnie's way! 
Check out her blog
and  "Like" her Facebook boutique!

Onto the Giveaway winner...

Winning Entry...
Toni Ellsworth Liked you on face book.

Toni please email me at or message me on facebook so I can arrange getting your sign to you!

So many of you told me sweet stories about how much the song means to you and why.  Nothing about crafting and blogging makes me happier than hearing all those sweet stories!

If you didn't win you can still get one of these signs!  Check out my For Sale album on Facebook.
You can message me on my page to order one of these signs!

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